Natives Oysters or Flat Oysters

The Belon Oysters. Today, the Native or Flat Oyster from Brittany is generally designated as The Belon. This Oyster is cultivated and harvested in various part of Brittany, such as Cancale, Paimpol, Morlaix, Binic, Rade de Brest. She has very round shape and her colour reminds the colour of Bretonís Cliffs of Granite. But only the Oysters refined in the river Belon are doted of that particular taste of hazelnut.

Nowadays this Oyster is well renowned internationally and she is present on the major connoisseurís tables.

The "GAVRINIS" Established since 1929.
THE NATIVE OYSTER "THE GAVRINIS" rediscovered by Jean-Louis Costes, Alain Passard and Jean-Pierre Vigato... is a gastronomic bomb!
Its shell has white nacre almost like porcelain referring to the beauty of the site where it is refined: the Gavrinis Island in Gulf of Morbihan.
The exceptional location waved by opposite currants gives this Oyster a constant and sumptuous meat.
This natural product is worked with ancestral methods and techniques compiling with the seasons and the cycle of reproduction.
The pure waters of Gavrinis Island are protected against mass production; therefore the waters have conserved a high nutritional level and a rich eco-system which allows a very exigent refinement The farming of these native oysters is orientated toward the protection of such a providential environment and confers on THE GAVRINIS Oysters a palette of fantastic flavours!
Well renowned Michelin Starts Head Chefs and gastronomic critics have selected "La GAVRINIS". They evoke "a shock gustatory" combining "a long iodized taste in the mouth to finish toward suavity close to the sugar" Laurence Maheo, Parisian stylist is the inheritress of the family terroir. This stylish oyster is distributed by LUXMER