Rock Oysters

The Divine. The Divine is produced in the best Oyster beds of the French coast It is representing the top quality under all its declinations: superb round shape, white & firm meat surrounded by voluptuous black lips and has an exceptional taste. The Divine has being rated, as one of the best on the deluxe market by the most prestigious food critics.

The Noblesse. The Noblesse has established her reputation since the XVIII century. Because was frequently consumed by the King Louis the XVI and the French aristocracies. It has lovely hazelnut taste and a delicate meat.

The Fine de Claire. The fine de Claire is produced in Marennes Oléron. They are mature oysters refined in "Claires" (fattening ponds, are generally former converted salt marshes). In this natural environment the oyster feed and fatten with a little algae called Blue Navicula, who has the particularity to colour mostly the gills of an emerald green which give the oyster an absolute unique taste.

The Oysters from the Mediterranean. They are mostly produced in the Thau Lac in the South East of France. Their particularity is a combination of fruity and lightly salty taste and their meat is firm and crunchy. And this unctuosity leaves a very enjoyable after taste.

The Oysters from Brittany. They are produced mainly on the Atlantic coast and at the mouth of the Channel. Their main characteristic is to mature slowly and offer a fantastic oceanic taste: Fresh and iodized.

The Oysters from Normandy. They are produced in the deep waters of the Channel. They are shuffled by the strongest tides in Europe and the richness in plankton of the waters give them a fantastic meat.