Caviar Oro

Kaluga-Amur caviar is a recent cross between two sturgeons with a long tradition: the female Huso Dauricus and the male Acipenser Schrenkii, both typical of the waters of the Amur River on the China-Russia border. This is a highly sought-after caviar: this sturgeon begins to give caviar between the ages of 10-15 years, a period when the female begins to spawn.
The larger eggs reach up to 2.9-3.2 mm in diameter and are characterized by beautiful green and golden highlights. The complex, almost mineral-like taste makes it the favorite Caviar of Chefs.
Oro comes from Lithuanian farm and respect all the europeean norms.

Nutritional information

Ingredients: STURGEON EGGS, salt 2.7%, preservative: E200 E202Store between -2°C and +2°CAverage nutritional values per 100 g (values may differ by batch): calories 1032.0 kJ, fat 16g, of which saturated fatty acids 3.7 g, carbohydrates 0.7 g, of which sugars 0 g, protein 24.3g.